Sunday, April 7, 2013

shop my closet sale on instagram!!

It may still be a bit premature, but I boxed up all of my winter clothes this weekend (including my heavy winter coat, yesss). Next time I will see them will be in Portland. That is just too much to digest. but I have to say, I am pretty much at peace with leaving the cold, dreary Michigan winters behind. this one has seemed to be never-ending. I wouldn't even be surprised if we got another bout of snow yet. I am longing for greenery and flowers, which are already in full bloom in Portland.

There are a few wardrobe pieces that won't be making the trip to Portland with us. I decided to steal Blair's idea and open up a 'shop my closet sale' on instagram under the username @shopmeganlane. I've added several items already and will continue adding more, including some great quality jeans that no longer fit me.

Each item will go to the first person who leaves a comment. feel free to leave a question or email me at all prices are negotiable! I don't mind a little bartering. I will accept payments via PayPal or check.

Shop my closet here. Also, there are still a few items left in my previous shop my closet sale here on the blog. prices have just been reduced (and are still negotiable). feel free to comment with any questions!

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Linnea Wheeler said...

What a great idea, Megan! Chris and I are in the process of purging, and we will be having a huge yard sale in May. I randomly found a book at the library a couple weeks back called "The Joy of Less" by Francine Jay. You should check it out--it's totally helped and inspired me to be able to get rid of A LOT of things!! I've always loved to throw things out, but after reading this book, I feel the freedom to get rid of things I had kept out of sentimentality or guilt, and not feel bad about it. It also just opens up your eyes to how simply you really can live, and have fun while your at it. Did I already say I highly recommend this book? :) Hope you're having a great day, Megan!