Wednesday, October 23, 2013

oh, hey.

hey guys, remember me? i don't blame you if you don't! it has been a really freaking long time. happy to report i'm alive and well in our new home in the Pacific Northwest. i have to say, Portland is a pretty amazing place to live & is slowly starting to feel like home, though it still feels pretty surreal that we actually live here. will tell you more about that soon but for now i just wanted to drop in to let you guys know about the special i'm having on the pinecone necklace in my shop this week.

that's almost 40% off you guys! (still trying to figure out if they say 'you guys' here..) there is only a limited quantity available & the deal will end on Sunday (the 27th). this is a perfect everyday necklace for fall - it goes with everything, is a comfortable weight & such a pretty antiqued bronze. the length is 27", but i am happy to adjust the length on request, just shoot me a message on etsy. find it here.

excited to be back to blogging! i've missed you all, for reals.


Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

oh hey back! glad you're settling in!

also, i am going to pdx for the blogger meetup, but the husband and i are actually going down earlier (on friday) and will be there saturday too so if you want to meet up for coffee, i'd love it!

Sandy a la Mode said...

hey lady!!!!! i misss you!! glad you are doing well out there!! i still remember when you first told me about it when we met up IN PERSON! :)

Kira said...

Hi Meg, I stopped by to say I enjoyed meeting you at the blogger party today! I hope you made lots of new friends :)

Brooke said...

I miss your guts and want to see more of your new Portland life here. I need to live vicariously through you! K? xoxo