Friday, October 28, 2011

{wedding video}

whoops, i went on another little break! i think it's going to take me awhile
to get back into this whole blogging routine, so please bear with me.

i am actually in nashville right now -- joel is attending & presenting at a conference
for counseling educators (he amazes me). it's at the opryland hotel, so i am
hanging out in the gorgeous lobby (complete with lush greenery, a glass atrium
& giant waterfalls), sipping on a bloody mary and browsing the internets.
i could get used to this.

my sister's wedding photos are up online now but i am not able to
download any just yet, so i thought i'd share this beautiful video
of the wedding day instead. it really does a good job of capturing the day,
and you will see just how happy my sister & her hubby miles are together.
you can see Christ in their smiles & their laughter.

Untitled from Vista Pictures on Vimeo.


Meg said...

what a beautiful wedding! this brought tears to my eyes. i wish your sister & her new hubby every happiness! i'm absolutely loving how they made use of the autumn light and the fall leaves... and what a wonderful maid of honor you were, making all those gorgeous necklaces for the bridesmaids! xoxo thanks for sharing, lovely!

Anna said...

aaa your sister is SO PRETTY! and they planted a tree! (i die) i'm getting married the first weekend of Oct. next year and I am loving all the wedding inspiration i can get :) also, super glad to see what she did with her curly hair, i want to do something similar and it's hard to find pics of curly girls!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Oh, this is gorgeous! I almost started crying! :)