Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Expand Your Lexicon!

If you're bored at work, as I am, or are simply in love with words, take a peek at WSU's website called Word Warriors:

The purpose of the site is to integrate resplendent [splendid, brilliant or glorious] words from the English language that are rarely used into our lexicons, so that we can be more precise with our speech. As a former English major, I can't help but be excited by this prospect :)

I had to list a few of my favorites. Hope you get a kick out of them too.

Crapulent - Sick from eating or drinking too much.
"After the excesses of the prior evening, George woke up feeling both foolish and crapulent."

Bumbershoot - Umbrella; parasol.
"Remember to take your bumbershoot on rainy days."

Collywobbles - Pain in the stomach or abdomen. "As a kid, I got the collywobbles every time I thought about my piano recital in June!"

Willowy - Tall, slender and graceful.

Higgledy-piggledy (hig-uhl-dee-pig-uhl-dee) - In a disordered manner; helter-skelter.

Pretty awesome, huh? I'm sure I could integrate a few of these into my vocabulary fairly easily. Especially the first (I have a tendency to overeat). Don't be surprised if you have to consult an online dictionary when reading future blogs.

Speaking of FOOD, I am super-duper excited right now because since my work schedule has been changed from 2:30 - 11 to 10:30 - 7 for the remainder of the week, that means I get to make dinner for & dine with my hubby TONIGHT, and tomorrow night, and the night after that and the night after that... Which means as soon as I found out about this revised work schedule yesterday, I got busy making out a meal schedule for the next five nights, based around what I already have in my cupboard/fridge:

• Mediterranean Pasta (w/ bread & salad)

• Chicken Parmesan over a bed of spaghetti (also w/ bread & salad)

• Tilapia with Purple Potato Crust and Chive Rosemary Oil, served with shallot spaghetti, green beans & bread (a meal is not complete with some type of bread)

• Chicken Enchiladas w/ Roasted Tomatillo Chile Salsa, served with yellow rice

• Baked Mac & Cheese (the ultimate comfort food), served with salad so I don't feel so bad

Those are the dinners. Here are some breakfast/lunches I have planned for the coming week:

• Grilled Cheese, Bacon & Apple Sandwiches, served with homemade Tomato Soup, yesssss

• Potato Chowder w/ Caraway Cheese

• Ham & Cheese Quiche w/ Rosemary, served with fruit and salad

The fact that I not only planned all of those out in detail but typed them out as well shows that I have WAY too much free time at work. Well, I guess that makes up for my lack of free time outside of work!

Anyway, if you haven't already realized it, I love, love, love to cook and I am passionate about fooood. This is why I need to start working out again. I'm still recovering from Monday's workout (the first in months). I'll aim for the weekend.

Just in case any of the aforementioned meals sparked your appetite, many of the recipes can be found at (my favorite) or

Lots of lists in this post. Maybe I was influenced, after all, by the special list edition of Real Simple magazine (which came free in the mail). I have become so domestic, weird.


Maggie Whitley said...

I'm just going to toot my own horn here and say I influenced you with the list making. Nice job, btw ;)


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