Monday, January 5, 2009

Only 353 Days Left Until Christmas!

It's been a little while.

That's because I've been busy with Christmas festivities/travels/relaxing. It's been a fun couple of weeks with lots squeezed in. As always, I am so sad that Christmas is over and can't believe I have to wait an entire year for it to come again. I still haven't taken down our Christmas tree -- I'm just not quite ready to part with it. :(

But I can now look forward to spending every future Christmas with my hubby :D This is the first Christmas we were able to spend together, and it was just wonderful. I didn't think that Christmas Day at my parents' house could get any better, but apparently I was wrong. It is going to be strange when one day we have own kids and do Christmas at our own house. Let's add that to the reasons I am simply not ready to be a mommy.

Some highlights of the past couple of weeks:

- Joel and I play Sufjan Stevens' Christmas tunes at Pathway's first Christmas Eve service :)

- Christmas Eve/Christmas Day at my parents'

- Next two days at Joel's parents'
- Receive wife-oriented/domestic gifts like a NEW COOKWARE SET by Martha Stewart (don't make fun), ramekins and a Brita filter, all of which I was far too excited about
- Cried while Joel and I did are gift exchange because I got him the wrong David Bowie box set
- Get a flat tire
- Make 20 pairs of earrings at work due to lack of work
- Girls' night filled with enchiladas, banana Scrabble and, well, lots of talking, of course

- NYE with college friends in Mt. Pleasant, featuring a couple very memorable games of Shenanigans created by Ron, Steve & Sarita (thank God I was not the one to have three dogs lick peanut butter off my face!!)

- Bridesmaid reunions :D (why do they have to live so far???)

- Valkyrie and Marley & Me -- is it wrong that is was the latter that elicited heavy sobbing?
- Time alone with my hubby!!! (though not nearly enough)
- Pregnancy scare (this order was not intentional, I swear)

I would also like to mention that Goodnight House's album is now available for purchase online for the low sum of $8 at DigStation. It should also be available within the next couple of weeks on iTunes - again I'll keep you posted ;) Also check out the awesome video Ronaldo made for the track "Two Minds" - you can find it on our MySpace page (see my list of websites favoritos on the right panel).

• • • •
I am wishing that I was in Mt. P with my hubby right now, where he is playing a CAMERATA(!) and Goodnight House show, both of which I should be lending vocals, bells and a female presence to. STUPID WORK SCHEDULE!! I always have a tough time when Joel is away from me overnight (this time it is 2 nights :/), so I am very eager for his return tomorrow. In the meantime, I am staying at my parents' house, so that I am not envisioning creepy men peering in through my bedroom window while I try to sleep. (I get a little paranoid at our house when I'm alone at night).

See y'all soon.

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Maggie Whitley said...

pregnancy scare?

Is that as scary as having poop in your vagina? (Is that too inappropriate for the internet?) LOL eww.

cute post Megs :)
You guys did so much over break! I'm super glad you got some time with the Hubs. That is awesome :)