Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Space Cadet

So today was a pretty typical day in the life of Megan...

Just after I had locked and closed the door to my house, intending to make a trip to the grocery store, I looked down at my key chain to realize that my house key was not there NOR was my purse on my shoulder, which meant I was locked out of my house without a means of calling Joel to rescue me. I ran around to the back door (thank God I had my boots on) in hopes that it would be unlocked, but, alas, I always keep that door locked. In fact, I always keep both doors locked when I'm home alone. Now what? It certainly wasn't the kind of weather where I could go for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood while awaiting my husband's return. I could still go shopping, but could only browse and that would be torturous.

So I should probably explain why I wouldn't have my house key with the rest of my keys. Well, basically it was my dear hubby Joel's fault :) (Isn't it great when you can place the blame elsewhere?) Yesterday when he left to work, he left his key in the house. He did not realize this until he returned home that evening, at which time I was still at work. So he drove to our friends Zack and Maggie's house, used their cell phone to call me, and we decided he would come pick me up and we'd go to dinner, and I would give him his key. Well we did the dinner part, but forgot about the key part. And neither of us realized this mishap until he once again returned home and once again was locked out. WOW. So he had to once again go to Zack & Maggie's house, call me, and come for the original intended reason, the freaking key.

So yea, you could say we are two of a kind.. at least in the area of absent-mindedness, which does not so much work to our advantage.

Anyway, back to my dilemma. I looked across the street to Martha's house and knew that she was the obvious answer to my dilemma. She is one of the only neighbors that I have any communication with and, being retired (she is probably in her early 70s), I knew there was a good chance she'd be home. I knocked on her door, heard her little Maltese Mariah start to bark if you can call it that, but heard no movement. Please, please, please be home... IT'S COLD OUT HERE!!! An instant later, there she was at the door. "Oh, hi Megan! Come on in!" She seemed so pleased to see me. She let me use her phone, and Joel said he'd head right home (he was helping out at the church), but it would be about 40 minutes. Great, I thought. And my mind ran through all of the things I was planning on accomplishing during that time span.

But instead I had a lovely talk with my neighbor whom I normally give a passing 'hello' to. She gushed about her kids and grandkids. We talked about our extravagant love for our doggies, and she told me she can even tell what Mariah is thinking by the looks she gives her... I only hope to achieve that level of communication with Maggs one day :) I really enjoyed spending time with her and learning a little more about her life. Before I knew it, Joel was pulling into our driveway and our house was now accessible. I thanked Martha for her kindness and returned home to my hubby.

Joel later informed me that he called my cell phone just before I called him from Martha's house -- which must have been just after I locked myself out of the house -- to tell me not to worry about making lunch because the church was going to order some food. THAT was the reason I was leaving in the first place -- to get a couple of things to make a yummy pizza that I'd promised Joel I'd make. What timing.

Now that I think about it, though, I sense this timing that seems just a little bit off to me was really right on. I think God knew that Martha could use some company. I am sure Mariah is great to have around, but as Martha had said, "If only she could talk.."

I am reminded that rather than being so obsessed/one-track-minded with my schedule and getting everything on my to-do list (which exists only in my mind - I am not that organized) done, I need to get outside of myself and allow room for the Holy Spirit to work in me to turn the focus away from myself and potentially brighten someone else's day. That is what gives life its sweetness :)

• • • •
Apparently, I write really long blogs. I must work on being more concise! But before I go, I just have to tell you about the delicious pizza I made (I think God also intended for this to happen): homemade pesto sauce, marinara sauce, mozzarella and asiago cheeses, prosciutto and fresh basil. Umm, yummm. You should try it ;)


Matt said...

Hi Megs.... fouen your blog last ight after checking in on your key situation and love your story telling.....I'm glad everything worked out with the key thing and You are right- God always has a plan, not always our plan but nevertheless a Plan and HIS timing is always PERFECT! Although sometimes I still doubt him! ANYWAY:)lol your pizza recipe sounds delic....and we will have to get together for a pizza party evening, have you ever done grilled pizzas? oh my gosh~ to die for!

Matt said...

oops, that was from me....joelle

Megs said...

hey Joelle... i somehow just now stumbled upon these comments. thanks! :) i'll have to start your following your blog now! :)