Monday, December 22, 2008

We had a big day

Joel and I had a big day this weekend.

Well, we each had our own separate big days.

Joel's BIG DAY started on Thursday night at Pathway (our church), unplugging and loading up gear for his band's (which I am a part of :)) CD release show. Luckily, I was exempted from this task (one of the many reasons i LOVE being a girl). After returning home at around 4 am (somehow I managed to wait up for him; I'm not sure why), he took a little nap, got up early in the a.m. and drove through the blustery winter weather conditions to the City of Monroe to unload and set up gear and was still doing so when I arrived with Ron at approximately 5 pm. And continued to do so for another couple hours...

Finally, Goodnight House (Joel's band) took the stage around 10 and, despite losing sound at least two times (I continued playing they keyboard for quite some time without realizing it was mute), we rocked out. I especially rocked hard on my bells and keyboard ;) And you should have heard my monstrous vocals. Anyway, it did go really well despite the complications. We had a good crowd within a couple feet of us, some even singing along :) I am really proud of Joel and the beautiful music he has created. You should check it out at our MySpace page. CDs will be available online soon - I'll keep you posted ;)

Joel's big day continued the next day, as mine began. Well, really, mine started about a week prior when I made my first shopping trip and prepared some yummies in advance for our very first house party/the very first party I've ever hosted. I had very big plans for all of the hors d' oeuvres/desserts/punches I was going to make... As my sister said:
"You're ridiculous!"

I think there were probably like 12 food items total on the list. And they were pretty much all homemade dishes with few shortcuts (cause that's how I roll. Brownies from a box? Not in my kitchen! Store-bought frosting? Nuh-uh). I was thinking I'd have time to get started on my yummies on Friday, but it was not to be. Needless to say, there was not enough time in the day on Saturday to get it all done, so I had to cut a couple of fancy hors 'd oeuvres out :( And I had to get some help in the kitchen -- my sister Amanda and my friend Maggie saved the day!! Maggie even SHOVELED for me! This was supposed to be my hubby's job, but his big day was still in the works back at Pathway, where he was busy returning all of the gear he borrowed for the show. His big day finally came to an end when he returned to the Lane residence at 5ish, at which time he resumed his husbandly duties at home (i.e. taking over shoveling, taking out the trash and giving my toosh a squeeze to show his appreciation for my hard work).

I am sure that no one was surprised when I was late to my own party (I was still in the shower as guests were arriving). Typical Megan etiquette. I joined the party with my hair sopping wet (not how I had planned it!) and was finally able to relax and drink lots and lots of punch :) And chat and giggle with friends I hadn't seen in a long time. And convince a few of them I was pregnant after I stuck out my food stomach - hah! It was definitely a good time. I think it's safe to say that Joel and I's very first house party was a success :) Below are a couple of snapshots from my big day taken by Ron:

Maggs was absolutely the life of the party and loving every minute of it.

• • • •
In other news, my friend Becca got engaged in the luggage claim area of the Hawaii airport this weekend! (Her now fiance crept up from behind her - she had no idea he was going to be there). I shrieked very loudly when she told me the news - I am pumped for her!!!

Also, Joel and I had our first ALONE time last night in nearly a week! Thank you Jesus! I will leave out the details ;)

I am beyond excited to spend our very first Christmas together and relax, relax, RELAX. I couldn't be more ready :D

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Maggie Whitley said...

i like to save the day. and help. and be your friend, too :)