Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yay for Etsy!

I had my first Etsy sale a couple days ago!!! :D The earrings in my previous post were sold to a Megan in Boston. (Funny, that is a place I would very much like to live). I have posted many a more pair since my last post, so take a look and tell your friends!! Check out my latest creation:

I have also been knitting lately, thanks to a little help from Maggie, who I am lucky enough to work with. We get paid for knitting, talking and giggling... it is pretty awesome. I finished a little coaster at work last night :)

I am also in the midst of trying to pick up crocheting. I bought a crochet pattern for a super adorable hat from my friend Lindsey in Chicago from her Etsy page and tried starting on it earlier tonight, rather unsuccessfully. I did get through round one, which leaves only 20 to go. Does anyone reading this that lives within a reasonable distance know how to crochet? If so, PLEASE HELP! I'm afraid the YouTube videos aren't quite cutting it!

Other than that, I've been cooking lots of yummy food, like this homemade potato chowder:

What else is going on... WELL, I suppose this is worthy of note:

Goodnight House's album is now on iTunes!!! How awesome is that!!

In other things that have to do with my husband -- we were talking about the process of him pursuing his PhD the other night, and I became a bit disheartened. I'll admit, it was only for selfish reasons. From this discussion, I concluded that:

a) We will continue to struggle financially for FOUR to FIVE (SIX?) years,
b)I will continue to be the main bread winner for four to five years, and
c) We will not have children until probably at least five years from now because I want to stay home with my children at least for the first few years and no stipend is going to support the two of us AND a child.

I am all about him going for it; I just wish it didn't take so darn long!! I feel bad for complaining; I really am proud of his ambition, and I want him to be able to pursue his aspiration of being a college professor. He is hoping to get an assistantship - that way his schooling will be paid for (which means NO MORE STUDENT LOANS), and he will get a stipend for living expenses (cause Lord knows my income does not cover our living expenses). So I am praying that that will work out. If he gets in to the program at OU and decides to accept, he will be starting next fall. Otherwise, he will apply to more schools in December and start the following fall (and we would mostly like be moving).

Well I think that is plenty enough for now. I will try to update more often. Peace.


Maggie Whitley said...

I love all the pics on this post! Your photography is pretty good :) And I LOVE that coaster... will you make one for me? Well wait. I have that same yarn at home... haha. I've had it for like 3 years now.

When are you having a show so you can sell your earrings? Did you get your stamp yet? :)

Megs said...

Thanks Maggie! :) I wish I had a better camera. I didn't know you had the same yarn. Do you have a whole stash of yarn or what?

I did get my stamp :) I used it on Megan from Boston's gift box :)
I think we should do a craft show together once springtime come around :D

Maggie Whitley said...

I forgot to show you the coasters!!! danget!!!! :(
maybe tomorrow night I can show you them...?

Maggie Whitley said...

Check my blog, I added two new things :)