Friday, August 7, 2009

featured artist: MarciG

i stumbled upon MarciG's etsy shop yesterday thanks to jodi from touched creatively, and i was completely floored. marci is apparently only in her teen years, and she is a brilliant potter. i mean BRILLIANT. the colors, textures and shapes are simply stunning. she has an excellent eye. i swear i hearted at least half of the items in her shop! i would love to start my own personal collection of MarciG pottery :)

let me give you an idea of what i'm talking about:

Red Poppy tea bag holder:

White Lace Dove spoon rest:

Plum Poppy Bowl 12 oz size:

Soar tiny tray:

Red and White Poppy Serving Bowl (my personal favorite):

Blue Lace Bird spoon rest or trinket tray (my second favorite):

another + is her prices are very reasonable. once i have some moolah to spare, she will definitely be receiving my business. i think she has a very bright future ahead.

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