Saturday, December 5, 2009

{tiramisu for you}

ever since joel and i had tiramisu together in
(back when i studied abroad in london),
it has been our absolute favorite dessert.

for his 25th birthday (his first birthday after we were married),
i decided to cook him a delicious meal, and i thought tiramisu would be the perfect finale.
i had never made tiramisu and i was pretty intimidated, but it turns out that it is actually quite simple,
and now it is my favorite dessert to make.

 the other night, we had our friends Ron and Carolyn over for din din and i made us tiramisu for dessert. the recipe i use comes from Gourmet Magazine.
 you can find it here.

{these photos are not the best - i was forced to use my blackberry because my camera's battery died}

simple syrup + espresso coffee + brandy ;)

filling (mascarpone cheese + whipped cream)

layer one: ladyfingers + half of syrup + half of filling
layer two: repeat

and, the final product. yummmmm!

this is definitely a special occasion dessert.. those Italian ingredients {mascarpone cheese & ladyfingers} are not cheap. but, i promise you, it is totally worth the splurge.

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Megara said...

oh my gosh that looks so fantastic! i have only ever had tiramisu once, in a restaurant, but you are convincing me to try it again... i wish i had tried it in venice!
xo meg