Wednesday, December 2, 2009


 i've definitely been slacking on the one recipe a week thing, so i thought i'd share with you what i made last night. it is so, SO simple yet delectable.

 all i did was cook up some fettucine (and whole wheat spaghetti because i ran out of fettucine) and added lots of freshly cracked pepper,
about 2/3 cup freshly grated Pecorino Romano
 and some arugula.
oh, and about 1/4 stick of butter :)

simply divine.

Pecorino Romano can be on the pricier side, but it is so yummy. it totally makes this pasta. this is a perfect weeknight dinner - it takes no time at all.

thursday night, we are having some friends over for dinner, and i am planning a tasty vegetarian (well actually, pescatarian) meal. perhaps i will share those recipes later this week.

for now, i will leave you with a photo of my sweet, adorable Magglio.
i have had such a hard time leaving him in the morning to go to work lately. all i want to do is cuddle with him by the Christmas tree.

Magglio has this thing he does when we go to bed
(or nuh-nights, as we phrase it to him... "let's go nuh-nights Magglio")
if one of us gets in bed before the other, he will immediately take the others' spot.
plop his head right down on the comfy pillow.
it is usually me who is in bed first,
but last night it was joel.

he knows he will be forced to move at any minute, but he likes to pretend to be king just for awhile.

ohhhhh, magglio. can you believe he sleeps on this full-sized bed with the two of us?



mellisarock said...

Your dinner looks fabulous!! I wish that I could get cheese like that (closest is romano) and arugula around here...When we go Christmas Shopping I will be able to go to Whole Foods and get some yummy cheeses, olives and whole wheat a great grazing dish that we are going to be making!

Rachael said...

Your meal looks yummy and your dog is so cute! :) Looking forward to your veggie recipes.