Saturday, March 6, 2010

back from a brief hiatus.

i am so happy to finally have the time/energy to write one of these!
work has taken up a whole lot of my time these past 
couple of weeks, as we are in the middle 
of production. 

i feel like i have barely had time to just be. 
i cannot complain though, i am thankful
for all of the extra hours i've been able to put in -
Lord know we need the extra cash!
as for this weekend, i am most definitely taking some time to relax.
lots of tea has been/is yet to be consumed.
probably some wine as well :)

i will leave you with some ridiculously lovely photographs
from Lola's Room
i just recently stumbled upon this shop and am in love.
totally digging the muted color palette 
and the vintage vibe.
these get me all the more anxious for spring! :)

i think i may have to get one of these prints for my "studio" 
once it is finally complete.

hope you are all having and continue to have a fun and relaxing weekend!

1 comment:

emilia. said...

Aw I love the pictures. :) I love the hair! Too cute.