Wednesday, March 10, 2010

{girls' weekend!}

t - 1 day before my sister, momma, auntie, and a friend 
venture to chicago!
photo credit 

we will be staying at an ultra-chic suite at an ultra-chic hotel at an ultra discounted price.
woot woot!
lots of shopping will be done, lots of food will be eaten.
lots of fun will be had.

this trip comes at a perfect time
because i am oh-so-ready for a break from
work + all other responsibilities.

i have a very meager budget for this trip,
so i am going to have to practice some serious self-control.
i would really like to find some great vintage/second-hand 
shops to scour. if any of you happen to know of some good ones in chicago,
please let me know!


i added a couple of new beaded necklaces to the shop over the weekend,
perfect for springtime, which is so quickly approaching,
which makes me oh-so-happy.
it was nearly 60 degrees outside today.
60 degrees!!!
the warm sun felt just amazing.

hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with sunshine!
i'll be back next week with pictures from my trip :)


Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

hey love. i hope you have a really wonderful time. what a nice way to remember B.

all the snow is melting in Minne. i love it :) definitely ready for spring and to be wearing cute shoes, hah!


Meg said...

ooh i totally want to visit chicago... we're putting it on our list of adventures! enjoy your trip :)