Sunday, March 14, 2010

{a birthday trip to chicago}

i don't think i've ever shared this on here before, but
i lost my cousin this past year. he was violently murdered.. 
and we still have no idea why. 
Brad was an amazing guy -- fun-loving, caring,  and thoughtful, 
always looking to bring a smile to others. 
he loved his family and friends very much. 
i miss him dearly, and can't even begin to imagine 
what my aunt and his girlfriend Melita 
have gone/are going through.   

Brad's 28th birthday would have been this past week. 
to celebrate his birthday, his mom, girlfriend, along with me, my mom and my sister decided to take a trip to Chicago. 
we really had a wonderful time together, full of laughs and stories. Brad was never too far from our minds. 
he was actually planning on moving from Vegas to Chicago 
with Melita in the near future.. 
i really think he would have loved it there.

here are some photos from our weekend together, 
which just so happened to be the weekend of st. patty's day festivities. apparently, it's a really big deal there. they even dye the river green! 
i don't know if i've ever seen so many drunk people gathered in one place!! 
Brad would have really gotten a kick out of it.


Sweet Harper said...

what a great way to celebrate your cousin, Brad...together. thanks for sharing!

fernandflora said...

Sounds like it was a special trip. What a strong bunch of women! And thats eggs benedict looked like it was to die for!

Vintage Simple said...

What a beautiful tribute to Brad, Meg - a wonderful way to remember him and celebrate his life...

The trip looks like it was great and I love all the photos you posted. (I still can't get over that they dye the river green!)