Monday, May 17, 2010

{magglio's birthday treat}

on magglio's b-day,
his grandma brought him over a very special treat : a piece of doggy carrot cake! 
and as any two-year-old would,
he scarfed it down without any hesitation.
he LOVED it.
i thought i was recording the whole feast, 
but i realized halfway through that i had not hit record.
i did get the finale, however.
i was hesitant to post it because of my voice in the background 
(does anyone else hate how their voice sounds on recordings??),
but i got over it. 
so, enjoy :)


Stephanie said...

Aw that's very sweet of your grandma to do that :)

Lisa said...

love it! so so cute, Meg.
ps- did i mention that there is a small percent chance that nate and I might be able to come visit you and joel this summer while we are in town?

shari @ little blue deer said...

Doggie carrot cake, adorable idea! So cute!

Wild and Precious said...

so fun & so cute!!!!

Meg said...

hahahah! very cute. and now i want carrot cake. darn.

Quindome said...

I'm jealous of dog carrot cake :P It really does look tasty!

sheer whimsy said...

that is so so so adorable!

sheer whimsy said...

that is so so so adorable!

S and O said...

cute dog!! :)

Rachel said...

adorable! my cat would do the same thing, this morning he begged for some of my waffles! and he gobbled the pieces up.

I love the video, and i know what you mean about the voice. When I videod my balcony garden a few weeks ago, I said, really? I sound like a 5 year old!!

oh, and enjoy your the herbs that you just planted!

Elizabeth said...

Haha, I hate the way my voice sounds too. But I do love some carrot cake (the human kind)!

April said...

Aww, how cute!!!

Alely L. said...

i heart magglio! he is the cutest!