Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{my doggy has a birthday today!}

today my doggy magglio celebrates his 2nd birthday!!

they grow up so fast...
it seems like just yesterday that he was playing away in his baby bouncer.
as you can see, i take being a doggy mommy very seriously.
i have a crazy amount of love for this little guy... 
i never imagined i could love an animal so much.

i think i will get him a doggy cake for his birthday. if that doesn't work out, 
i guess i will just have to shower him with doggy treats.
and take him for a nice long walk.
maybe i'll even let him chase the squirrels and linger at interesting smells.
and of course he will be getting a visit from grandma & grandpa tonight, 
his two favorite people (besides mommy & daddy of course)

i just spent some time reminiscing over his puppyhood by browsing through some old photos.
i can't help but share a few with you. and by a few, i mean a dozen.


Lisa said...

i am so in love with your doggy.
Happy bday magglio!

Rachel said...

what an adorable pooch you have there! I love the photo of him lying on the red couch, he reminds me of my cat in that photo! Loving an animal feels so good! Happy B-day, doggie!

Sandy a la Mode said...

happy bday magglio!! what a cutie patootie! i know lots of ppl that take being a fur kid mama very seriously too haha!

Lindsey said...

ahh i need to meet this pup! so adorable! makes me want one sooo bad!
hope he has a good bday ;)

Amanda said...

happy birthday to your pup!! i was wondering what kind of dog he was? he is so adorable! :)

Small Burst said...

Your dog is tooo cute. Happy belated birthday!

Alely L. said...

omg...he's adorable! happy birthday magglio! what kind of dog is he?

pearls said...

too cute! what kind of dog is he? whatever he is he's super cute!

Chelsea Robbins said...

your dog is amazingly-sickeningly cute!

what a sweet blog!