Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{in the market for a new rug}

soooo, hubby spilt a can of sanding primer on our living room rug tonight 
while working on the guitar he's building.

he is lucky i am not a huge fan of the rug.
it's an old rug passed down from my parents,
and it has taken way too much abuse from my dog.
a part of me was almost thrilled when he spilt the sealant stuff.
the un-thrilled part of me -- the part that remembered how expensive rugs are.
well at least the rugs that aren't pieces of crap.

so the quest to find something pretty and inexpensive (but not cheapy) is on.
hoping this is possible.

if money were no object,
 i know just where i'd go to find one.
and i'd most likely choose one of these.
anyone know where i can get a rug as beautiful as these at a reasonable price?
if so, please do tell. i could definitely use some suggestions..
i am lost as to where to look.

that is all. goodnight!


Angela said...

Wish I could help! I'm looking for rugs myself and have wondered the same thing. You have great taste!

Small Burst said...

These rugs are beautiful. Hmm, Homegoods has great rugs but you have to visit the store quite often to get the prime rugs. Ask your store when they get shipments then stalk. LOL. I've done that with lamps.

BTW-found you thorugh Jozens blog today.

Rachel said...

Those are beautiful rugs! I find that Ikea has very reasonably priced rugs that are also pretty durable. Not sure if you have an Ikea where you are, but its worth checking it out!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Those are beautiful rugs!!! Yah I have a love hate relationship with breaking and ruining things that NEED RUINED. But, if the money isn't there....sometimes you just have to do without bah. I'm the type of person that on rugs I would wait, save and then buy. I HEART rugs. While living in Turkey I found the greatest cheapest rugs...but you have to find someone you trust to do the work for you...

Strawberry Templetons said...

I love Anthropologie too! They certainly aren't cheap though. You should check out Urban Outfitters. They have interesting choices and are very reasonably priced. And like Rachel said, Ikea has great ones too and they're SO inexpensive. Good luck!

Faith said...

ooh! those rugs are SO pretty.
We got ours from Target. It's really nice - it was so hard to choose! They had really nice big ones for $99 it was SO hard to pick just one. good luck!!

jozen said...

you know it may sound strange, but home depot has some great rugs! they may need to order it in, but if you don't mind waiting, it's worth the wait!

Celia said...

we really wanted a rug from anthropologie too, but considering they were practically asking for our first born child... i couldn't go through with it. and i've seen their rugs in person. as beautiful as they are, they're not exactly the *best* in quality. we ended up getting ours from ikea, but if you're set on an anthro one, i would try ebay.