Sunday, November 1, 2009

{our new-ish place}

i finally got around to taking some pictures of joel's and my new-ish place last weekend (those gorgeous golden leaves are now blanketing the yard). i can't believe we've already been here for over two months! time has really been flying. it's going to Christmas before we know it! unfortunately, that also means wintertime... boo to that!

we are absolutely loving it here. the only real complaint i have is the creepy basement. i don't know if you've ever been in an unfinished basement of an 1890s home, but it is certainly not a warm, inviting space.

it reminds me of the basement of the home i grew up in through elementary school (also built in the late 1800s). i can't tell you how many times i'd be using the bathroom down there (i don't know why i ever used it) and i'd suddenly see a millipede crawling out of the tub. of course, my reaction was always to scream and run up the stairs, pants unbuttoned and all.

this one i must spend time in because it's the home of our washer and dryer. when we first lived here, i'd make joel go get the laundry once it got dark out, but i have since overcome this fear. still, i always shy my eyes away from the far dark corner.

as you will see, the rest of the house is a bit more homey.


Megara said...

oh my gosh i love love LOVE your house - it's adorable, and so homey! lucky lucky you :) hopefully you can do something soon with the basement - drywall & bright paint? lots of lights? to make it a little less intimidating.
xo Meg

mart and lu said...

you have such a lovely home! i can't wait for that moment when my future husband and i can finally have a place to call home.

Rachael said...

Can I tell you how jealous I am that you live in a 19th century home?! My dream one day. It looks beautiful. Hope you are settling in well.

Julee M. said...

WOW. I am so jealous. What a cute house!

Matt said...

come on meg.... just doll up the basement- add some of your personal touches a little rug and table to fold clothes put and extra lamp down there and youll be over it in no time!

vintage simple said...

I love old homes, and this one is no exception.... Perhaps with time, the basement will become a little less creepy, no?