Tuesday, October 6, 2009

{an october wedding}

joel and i went to a beautiful wedding in blanchard this past weekend, that of college friends matt & heidi. we had a wonderful time visiting with old friends and dancing the night away. the concluding song of the night was arcade fire's "keep the car running." why didn't we think of that?

joel's mom and brother just happen to live within minutes of blanchard now, so we were able to spend some quality time with them too. it was a wonderful weekend. maggs came with us, and he was absolutely loving his life. the house joel's momma is staying at has a huge lot, so maggs got to run free like a wild doggy. he needed that. i promised him that one day we'd have a big yard for him to run around in.

earlier tonight, maggs had one of his ears flopped on top of his head, and it looked like a toupée.

oh, how i love him so.


Anonymous said...

HAha, it did look like a toupee. Your weekend shots look great. Love the one of you and your hubs.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty wedding. And your dog's adorable!