Monday, May 10, 2010

{strawberry & rhubarb crumble}

i had my family over for dinner and dessert yesterday to celebrate mother's day.
we usually hang out at my parents' house when we get together,
so it was fun to mix it up and have everyone at our place.

i was reminded what a pleasure it is to host dinner and that i need to do it more often.
i was also reminded how much fun it is to bake!
i haven't been doing much of it lately, partly because i don't want to
make available extra calories/fat for joel and i to consume.

but after taking one bite of the strawberry & rhubarb crumble,
i knew that baking would be making a comeback in the Lane residence.
it was soooo ridiculously delicious.
just the right amount of sweetness and tartness,
just the right contrast of textures.
i think it is my new favorite dessert.  it's simply perfect for summertime.
and the smell when you open the oven to take it out...
absolutely divine.

wondering what those little specks in the sugar are? 
they are real vanilla beans! i bought some vanilla beans several months ago when they were on sale at the grocery, and i was so excited to finally have the chance to use them.
they really enhanced the flavor of this dish. 
and they smelt heavenly!
rhubarb is such a strange looking fruit (vegetable?)! this was the first time i baked with rhubarb.
in fact, it was even the first time i tried it!
i don't think i could eat it on its own, but i loved the tartness of it paired with the strawberries.
and her you have the final product (it went reallll fast).
i topped each serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course.

when my mom took a bite, she said it brought her back to her childhood.
apparently my grandma used to make rhubarb & strawberry pie all the time.
i thought that was really neat... it's amazing how food can cause you to relive
warm memories and give you a sense of comfort.

interested it trying this deliciousness for yourself? you can find the recipe on bon appetit's website.
i'm thinking their website may become my new go-to for recipes!


Sandy a la Mode said...

OMG, this looks DELISH!!! i want to make some right now! =)

Rachel said...

I absolutely love rhubarb, and this looks so great! I usually just cook it up with some strawberries, water, and sugar on the stove. It makes a sort of jam, which goes so well with, well, anything! toast, yogurt, etc.

Wild and Precious said...

oh meg SO yum!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

mmmmm - i have some rhubarb sitting right now in my fridge waiting for me to do something with it, and now the strawberries on my counter are screaming for this recipe! thanks for sharing :)

CrowNology said...

You ladies are killing me today! My rhubarb is but a sprout! These are making me hanker for the tart flavour and a new oven!
Looks SO good!

fernandflora said...

Oh yes. I LOVE this combo. I made some apple rhubarb crisp a few weeks ago. The sweet and tart flavors are just so delish!

Alely L. said...

omg! that looks so deelish! i've never made rhubarb pie before. must put that on my bucket list of things to do. thanks for sharing!

wishful nals said...

yummmm! i love rhubarb + crumble. heaven on earth! xo!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Your blog is beautiful and so so pretty. I am your newest follower! Plsu I adore your Etsy store! Such cute little things there. Have a lovely day, gorgeous XO

Elizabeth said...

Sounds delicious...especially the vanilla bean part.

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

i just love that eating certain dishes can bring someone so many memories :]

janis said...

i love love love the combination of strawberry & rhubarb!

Michelle Elisabeth said...

It looks so so scrumptious! I'm so glad it's finally rhubarb/ strawberry season :)

Kristin said...

this looks and sounds amazing. one of my favorite combos! thanks for sharing.

Faith said...

mmmmm yum! you've got me hungry!!

pearls said...

yummy, this is one if my favorite things in the world. ill have to try this recipe. you have a lovely blog :)