Monday, May 24, 2010

{rifle paper co.}

i'm sure most of you have encountered the splendor of rifle paper co. by now, as they have certainly created a great deal of buzz in the blog world, but for those of you who haven't : 
be prepared to be enraptured.

this blossoming stationary company make the most beautiful cards and prints. i could probably stare at them for hours. the colors and flowery designs = perfection.

i recently purchased a set of floral heart cards for the numerous weddings we will be attending this summer/fall (six, to be exact). i also purchased this matching print to place above my newly acquired desk! i can't wait for it to get here!

here are a few more of my favorites :

yes, they will draw illustrations of you and your family, even your pup!

aren't they just full of cheer and whimsy? hope you are as inspired by them as i am! 


Becca said...

Cheer and whimsy, indeed!
This is an adorable little post, and I might just go check out this business.
You've got great style!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhh wow, i LOVE these cards! they are def full of cheer, and i've never heard of them before so thanks for sharing!!

Jo Jo said...

I have never heard of these before but I think they are great!

tammy said...

lovely, lovely -- thanks so much for sharing. inspirational indeed.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Those cards are so beautiful! I love them. I might just have to order that print as well, too lovely.