Saturday, May 22, 2010

{my little herb garden}

last weekend, i purchased a small assortment of herbs from a local nursery. i didn't want to spend a lot much money on planters (even though it'd be nice to have pretty ones), so i got one from my mom's house that she wasn't using and i bought another one at a garage sale for $1.

i love to use fresh herbs when i cook, so i am super excited that i can now simply go into my backyard and pick them when i need them. you can't get any fresher than that! it will save a lot of money and prevent a lot of waste (i don't know how much parsley i've thrown away; it always come in ridiculously huge bunches!)
my very first herb "garden"
basil & parsleybasil & parsley - the two herbs i use most. basil is my absolute favorite herb. 
its aroma and taste are delectable.

rosemary - also loooove the smell of this herb. behind it are thyme & dill.

i'm hoping to add a few more herbs to the garden party -- chives, lavender, mint (for mojitos - yum), maybe oregano, maybe sage. any recommendations?
if any of you have an herb garden (or any kind of garden), i would love some tips, as this is a new venture for me. to be honest, i have never tended any kind of garden. i'm hoping my little "garden" flourishes and inspires me to do much more gardening in the future (moreso when we have our own home). i would love to grow fruits and veggies one day, particularly strawberries and tomatoes. yum!

i was a little worried about maggs getting into my herbs, but fortunately this has not been a problem. he is more content gnawing on sticks.

maggs terrorizing a stick


Vintage Simple said...

I don't really have very many tips... but I do have mint and basil and well parsley and lavender. And this year we planted corn (corn!) and tomatoes and sunflowers. What fun! Your first garden...! Congratulations!


Jodi Ulschmid said...

Maybe I should try growing some basil... now you have me leaning towards doing more herbs. :) Good luck with yours.

mandiegirl said...

How cool! I just threw out a TON of yucky herbs last night cause we have to buy a whole package, but only use a smidge! Sad! Anyway, good for you!!!

Pittsburgh Perambulations said...

I would love to have an herb garden! It looks like yours is growing nicely.

Joanna Goddard said...

these look amazing! fresh herbs always smell so good.

Wild and Precious said...

i can smell that basil over here! yumm!!

Taylor Sterling said...

these look great! I love fresh herbs!

Mostly Graysie said...

I'm a basil lover too :)

Rachel said...

Your herb garden looks great so far, I am sure that it will get much bigger and provide you with plenty for salads! Nice job!