Monday, May 3, 2010

this weekend was bliss.
for the first time since december, joel's saturday was completely. free.
this meant that joel and i got to spend the entire day together.
in fact, we got to spend all of sunday together as well.
it was grand. 

though it did rain most of the weekend, 
we were able to make a brief trip to the farmers' market to snag some
fresh bread and even fresh pasta,
which i will be using in the mediterranean pasta (my all-time fave) that
i'm whipping up for dinner tonight.

we also did some shopping for knobs/handles for our dressers,
(including some clearanced ones from anthro -- score!)
and got started on refinishing the first one.
this is our first big project together, and it's been a lot of fun so far!
joel is serious about producing a beautiful finished project,
so this is turning out to be much more of a process than i had originally imagined.
but i'm sure i'll be glad of it in the long run.

this is the dresser we're currently revamping :
passed down from who knows who, i've had it in my bedroom(s) as long as i can remember.
the i-don't-even-know-what-color-to-call-it wood veneer definitely had to go
(along with the unsightly knobs).
i will share photos when it's been made pretty again... hopefully by next week!

this whole project was inspired by my newly acquired desk,
found last week on craig's list
(please ignore the ugly cords in the back)
isn't she lovely?
i've been wanting a desk since we moved into our place last August
and am so, so happy with this one!
no more alternating between sitting cross-legged and kneeling at my makeshift coffee table desk!


Wild and Precious said...

love the desk!!! love the white & the pulls & the blue pillow! so yummy.

Joe & Kayanna said...

Beautiful desk! I can't wait to see how your dresser turns out :)

Cole said...

adorable! I want one!

Alely L. said...

glad you had a loveLee weekend with your love. that desk is sweet! what a great find!

janis said...

ooo that is a lovely desk! and what a great computer ;)

so glad you got to spend a lovely little day together...

Elizabeth said...

Gah that desk is lovely and so are the knobs!

Anonymous said...

i love that back of that chair! very cool design.

xo Alison

my name is lauren. said...

your desk is lovely and i'm so glad you got a relaxing weekend.

oh...and i hope you get to go to kenya. it's seriously incredible. craig and i both went for a missions trip and the people are truly beautiful.

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh i can't wait to see how you revamp that dresser, i bet it will be soo beautiful!! i love going to farmer's markets too, i'm soo glad the weather is warm now!!

Rachel said...

how fun to have such a nice project to work on together! and i know what you mean, it seems like boys become so technical about these things!

I also like your new banner, very cute!

Pinecone Camp said...

What a sweet and very lady like desk!
Looking forward to seeing the 'after' shots of the dresser.
Have a lovely night!

Mo said...

What a find! So computer desk is an eye sore!!

Anna said...

Beautiful desk.