Sunday, June 6, 2010

{a giveaway!}

totally forgot to let you all know that a pair of my earrings are up
for grabs via lovely by m

you have until tuesday to enter. 
you should browse michelle's blog while you're there,
it is fantastic. i am drooling over the lemon zest crepe recipe she just posted.

hope you are all enjoying your weekends!
joel is having some buddies over to "christen" his guitar that he just finished building,
so i'm thinking i'll try to get some things accomplished 
while the boys are jamming.

and i'll definitely be fitting in some cuddle time with this guy
on this cold, rainy sunday.


fernandflora said...

Just got my name in the lovely giveaway! What fun! Hope you're enjoying your rainy day at home! It's hot and sunny here... but I think I'm gonna take a nap anyway!

Kayla said...

Cute puppy and even more amazing blog. I am officially your 102 follower!

Alely L. said... the pic of the doggie!

MH said...

Thanks Meg! The giveaway's going great!

jozen said...

we had a cold rainy sunday over here too. i cuddled with my girls all day.