Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{ a weekend in chicago }

this past weekend, joel and i road tripped to one of our favorite cities, chicago.
the occasion : joel presented at a counseling conference
just outside of the city (which he did a fantastic job at, i must add).

i did not get bored for one second of the drive, as there were 
beautiful fall colors on each side of me. michigan falls are THE best. they are so magical.

thanks to my job, joel & i enjoyed a
complimentary stay at a gorgeous historic hotel on michigan ave.
with a ridiculously comfortable bed & one of those awesome rain showers
(i determined we must have one of those in our future house).
it was so nice to live in luxury for a couple of days.

while joel was at his conference,
i strolled over to moody bible institute (stroll = 2 1/4 mi. each way)
to visit my cousin chris & his beautiful, sweet-as-can-be wife linnea,
who got married just this past summer (hey guys!)

it was so fun to see their apartment (which had a fantastic view of the city)
and finally get to spend some time with linnea, however brief it was.
totally forgot to get a picture with them, booooo.

much of the rest of the weekend was spent with our dear friends brad & lindsey,
who also got married just this summer.

while the boys did boy activities on saturday (i.e. frisbee + a visit to a ginormous guitar store),
lindsey and i visited a local bead store and anthropologie :)

our last night was spent at their darling place
with another college friend, chad, and his lady friend (and brandon the cat, of course).
we played beatles rockband, drinking pumpkin spice beer 
(yes, you read that right and yes, you need to try it),
watching hilarious youtube videos,
and playing an old-time favorite board game of mine, scattergories.
it was splendid.

oh how we love the city of chicago (and those within it)!
perhaps one day we will make it our home.


Anna Walker said...

Chicago looks great! I am glad you had such a fun and great weekend! :) You have so many friends that just got married!


janis said...

ahhh i want to visit chicago so badly! sounds like a rad time. it definitely would be a lovely time to make the drive - road trips during autumn are so lovely!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Sounds like utter fun! Your hotel room looks lovely, as well. I've always dreamed of going to Chicago. Living from outside of Philadelphia, I find it slightly appalling I've never gone. LOVE the first picture!

Sarah C said...

Yay for Chicago! You visited during a gorgeous weekend, by the way. Looks like you had tons of fun - I love visiting friends and having reunion weekends. Simply the best!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

2 1/4 mi. is def a stroll! i miss those strolls. i miss walking around the city like that.

aw this post made me so happy. you visted moody and you got to enjoy the city.

i hope you two get the chance to live there one day, friend. its an amazing experience! i'll forever treasure my time there.

fernandflora said...

Hellooo! Thanks for saying hello on my blog the other day! No worries about being MIA.

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend in Chicago! And your hotel room looked super posh. I love those hanging pendants on either side of the bed.


mandiegirl said...

Oh Meg- I'll just live vicariously through your visits to Chicago until it's my turn...in 2 months! :)

Krystal said...

that w/e sounds great!!! chicago would be a total ideal place for us to live someday

Linnea said...

That's one of the first things I thought of when I went back to work--we forgot to get a picture!:)

I think it would be a great idea for you to move to Chicago...I really hope Chris can do Grad school here!

Dancing Branflake said...

A weekend like that is totally on my to do list. I completely love these pictures and it's so sweet that you went to Joel's conference to support him.

jozen said...

i have never been to chicago but my parents went this past summer and fell in love. hope to visit this fantastic city one day :)