Friday, December 17, 2010

{christmastime at the lanes}

can you believe it's almost Christmas?!?!
i've barely had a chance to buy/make any gifts yet,
so unfortunately i am going to be joining the masses of people
doing last-minute Christmas shopping this weekend.
eeeeek! do any of you have lots of gift-finding left to do?

i have really been loving all of the pretty lights and decorations in our humble
little abode. i never want to take them down.

oh, Christmas tree..
there is nothing like the smell of a real Christmas tree.
i don't think i could ever go fake.
Christmas decor
Christmas decor
i bought this adorable pillow from my marigold at the detroit urban craft fair.
i also found the stockings there from make-out goods.
Christmas decor
aren't those little pink trees so cute? i found those here.
Christmas decor
i made this wreath one night when i should have been making jewelry for the craft fair.
also made one for our front door. i'm addicted now!
Christmas decor
i found these awesome lights at target. they look so magical in the dark.
and i found this awesome print on etsy. in love with her shop!!

find more pictures here.


janis said...

beautiful wreath! and i agree with you about real trees - my mom got a fake one for the first time this year and i was pretty disappointed!!

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

So pretty! Love your red wreath! Hmm... I might have to make another one too! They are so fun to make!

Hooray for real trees! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Christmas is so close! :)

Loves tea... said...

My favorite things:

The big mirror above the couch

Lights from Target

Blue armchair


Adorable house, and everything looks so festive! What fun finds at the fair too!

Well, I grew up with an artificial tree that looked real, and I loved it dearly dearly...but I do agree that I would love to have the scent of a real tree! I had fun going with Chris and his family to pick out a real tree for their house in Middlebury over THanksgiving weekend.

Merry Christmas, Meg!

Megan said...

The wreath is beautiful! I'm so impressed. Merry Christmas, Meg!

Dancing Branflake said...

Awesome! If you want your tree featured let me know by emailing me a link. You have an awesome tree!

fernandflora said...

Your place is so charming Meg! Love your tree and those target lights! Merry Christmas friend!

AbbieBabble said...

I am in awe of your decorations- they're all so lovely!

p.s. I'm totally with you on the smell of a real christmas tree- there's nothing like it.

Kelly said...

I love those lights from Target! Pretty!

lauren carney said...

Aloha lovely!
Your blog is quite applaudable!
Here's cheers to you this festive season!
Keep up the brilliant posts!
AND Merry Christmas x x

Sandy a la Mode said...

these's just soo much beauty in the post girl! i LOVE the wreath and that pillow you got!! i wish i could have gone to that craft fair! happy holidays!!!