Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Detroit Urban Craft Fair recap}

hi again :)
i'm sorry you've been hearing so little from me.
i will be back more regularly once the holiday season is over.
but oh how i don't want it to be over with. Christmas is approaching much too quickly!!
wanted to share a little bit about my first craft fair experience - the 5th annual DUCF
put on by the lovely ladies of Handmade Detroit, who i finally got to meet, along with lots of other awesome detroit-area crafters. it made me very proud of my city. 
there is just so much talent!!

it was such a phenomenal event - i could not say enough good things about it!
(and it was held in a gorgeous Detroit building in which i've seen so many great musicians - 
the fillmore! check out the blue chandeliers.)
i got a greater response than i could have ever imagined.
(so much so that i stayed up until 4:30 am the first day of the show making more 
jewelry because i was almost out!)
it's been a long time since i've been so exhausted, but it was 100% worth it.
i left feeling so encouraged and really inspired to start working hard to grow my business.
look at those crowds!! what an incredible turnout.
i was given a great spot -- on the stage in the far right corner 
(near that flying detroit gt truck).

i had so much FUN. hubby was my helper all day saturday, 
and he did such a fantastic job!! i was really impressed with his salesmanship.
he had a really great time & is looking forward to doing more shows with me in the future 
(how sweet is he??). i think we make a pretty darn good team.

i was only able to get a few photos of my booth & they aren't great.
(they were taken in a rushed manner during a brief lull in traffic).
had i gotten there earlier, i could have gotten much better ones. you live, you learn.
i was pretty overwhelmed with creating an appealing display, 
but i think it turned out pretty good.
it will be fun to tweak it with each new show i do.

to those of you who have not yet ventured into the world of craft shows,
i highly recommend it. just try to find ones that are geared toward a young "indie" crowd.
i'm sure i wouldn't have done anywhere near as well at a traditional craft fair.
and a few tips ::

 make way more product than you think you will sell 
(there's nothing wrong with having leftovers!)

 make way more business cards than you think you'll need
(again,  you can always use what's left over)

 get there with plenty of time to set up so you don't feel rushed & frazzled like i did!
(and definitely do a practice set-up before the actual show)

 give customers an incentive to visit your etsy shop - write a special coupon code on the back of your business cards

and above all, HAVE FUN! and be sure to introduce yourself to other crafters!


Olivia said...

so fun girl!!!!! i think you booth looks super cute. love the vintage luggage ;)

Laura said...

How display is just adorable!!

Christopher Wheeler said...

Nice. I would definitely buy just based on the display - and because that's really Linnea's style. Sounds like a blast!

Caroline said...

I was just in Detroit and went to an underground foodie festival, ate at Roast and was completely elated. My family lives in Michigan and I had such a great time!! xo

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

cute cute cute booth!! thanks for the inspiration. come january i'll be prepping for a fair in april. i'm nervous and so excited about it. thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just found your blog today. Lots of Michigan Love on here, which is awesome because I am from Michigan too. So great for MI to be captured in such a lovely light such as how you have displayed. :) That craft show display is so cute too. I wish I found your blog earlier. I could have probably went to that one.

melissa said...

wow! great post and i loved the tips at the end. my friend alison and i have done a couple of craft shows and they were okay. how do you find these awesome shows you speak of that are geared towards young indie crowds...because that's exactly what i want to be part of!!!


Lindsey said...

Yay that sounds so great!! I will definitely have to try doing a craft show some time, if I ever have time to make a ton of stuff! :)

Loves tea... said...

I LOVE what you did with your display, Meg! great job!

Moriah said...

very cute setup! i love the suitcase display!

mh. lovely by me said...

LOVE the location and your set up is gorgeous! I love your advice too, i definitely learned all those things this year at the markets we did!