Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{wednesday wishlist :: valentine's day edition}

i don't know about you guys, but i am pretty darn excited about valentine's day.
i know there are plenty of haters out there, and i'll admit,
there was a time that i wasn't a big fan.
but now that i have a hubby tobe super romantic and gushy with, i love it.
and the fact that we got engaged on valentine's day
adds much nostalgia and warm, fuzzy feelings.
pluuuus, i very much enjoy getting flowers & sweet things.
also, i love pink (in case you hadn't noticed).

i also like all of these valentine's day-inspired etsy lovelies.

{felt heart confetti}

{mini heartlette crown // ruby}
{lemon meringue pie heart felts ornaments}
{ama card}
{heart-shaped brownie cookie-wiches}

{valentine's day edition mug rug - love}
{salmon crocheted heart}


Julie said...

what a lovely collection!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love that bando headband and ive been seeing those felt hearts everywhere. swoon!

Cole said...

What a lovely group! I adore the headband!

Laura said...

I love that little pink heart. So cute!

Mandi said...

I love the heart headband. So cute. :)

Kel said...

Those brownies look soo good!

Kelly said...

We love Valentine's Day here! That heart confetti is so sweet and I love the little hanging hearts as well.

lesley gordon said...

so cute. all of it... but those brownies look amazing!!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

WOW! I love it all - what a great collection!

Sarah-Anne said...

valentine's day is really high on my list this year. i'm into making handmade cards and such, so thanks for sharing that with me, haha!
great etsy lovlies, meg. thanks for the eye candy! :D