Monday, February 7, 2011

{wedding inspiration}

happy monday! hope you all had a fantastic weekend! mine was
full of family, food and football (and ruffles!!)
my brother, sister and her fiance were all home for the weekend,
and it was so nice to spend time with them. it's always so sad when they go.

i spent lots of time on sunday helping my sister register (she cooks very little &
so was a little clueless as what kind of cookware, etc. to register for).
kinda made me wish i could make a registry again!
i was practically drooling over the All-Clad cookware set.

we also spent some time making things for the wedding & going over some details.
it's amazing how many of the plans my sister has nailed down already
(she got engaged in november, is getting married in october.)
it is definitely shaping up to be a beautiful wedding!
the ceremony is going to be outdoors & the reception inside a barn
(which seems to be all the rage these days!)
to give you an idea of her vision, here are a just a handful photos she's used for inspiration.



{source :: basically her dream wedding}






what do you think?
i am reallly loving the whole rustic look she's going for. i think it's perfect.
and very fitting for a couple who work/live at a summer camp!
i can't wait!!


Laura said...

What gorgeous pictures. I wish I could have had our reception in a barn but it just wanted an option for us.

I love that table setting! I love the look of wildflowers.

Olivia said...

amazzzzing. love this all

Kel said...

such great ideas!! I love them

Brooke said...

LOVE that cake and centerpiec on the burlap table runner!

janis said...

ahh i love that last photo! my fiancé and i are going for a bit of this look too. going to check out that "dream wedding" straight away!

Moriah said...

what an awesome wedding theme!

Meg said...

oooh you're so lucky you get to have girly time & plan such a gorgeous wedding!! from the looks of her inspiration photos, it's going to be amazingly beautiful.

KristiMcMurry said...

Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous wedding! I can't wait to plan my wedding :) I think it sounds like so much fun!

Dancing Branflake said...

I am just swooning! Lovely post!

BB Goad said...

so beautiful, love the rustic look :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE the look of a rustic wedding!! i have a ton of weddings coming up this year, they haven't started yet but i know they will be here in no time!!

Kayla said...

Gorgeous inspiration. I wish I needed to get married again just to do pretty things like this.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

mandiegirl said...

So pretty! My reception(almost 5 years ago, eek!) was in a barn, too(in Indiana)! Where are they planning on having their celebration at?

Paul Byron Downs said...

Great table setting. Makes me wish spring was here.


Abby said...

Oh I LOVE this!
I'm getting married in a barn in September and the rustic goodness is just too much for me to handle!
And I'm a firm believer you can never have too much burlap.

lovely by m said...

Now that wedding design is so popular and there are SO many good ideas out there, I kinda wish I could do my wedding all over and completely re-style it!

jozen said...