Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{a bachelorette party}

this past saturday i went to a bachelorette party of my fabulous
friend carla, one of my three remaining friends from high school.
(which i graduated from 9 years ago, eeeep!)
carla and i also went to the same college & worked together at the
school's writing center.
her & her fiance actually started dating just months after joel & i did.
and now they're getting mawwied! and at the same venue joel & i did!
i'm pretty pumped to go back there for the first time since we were married
(which will be 3 years ago come memorial day!!)

anyway, back to the bachelorette party.
it was a blast! we started off at a wine tasting & i had some of the most
tasty wines, including "pink grapefruit" and "just peachy."
(i like my wine sweet.) then we went to a classy lounge & had girly martinis
and then ended the night with dancing :D
it was so fun to have a girls night out; it had been much too long.

with the the soon-to-be-bride :)
{carla looked so gorgeous!! and she was just beaming. so happy for her.}

{apparently something was hilarious!}
vanessa & me at carla's bachelorette party
{this pretty lady is my dear friend vanessa. we've also been friends since high school :)}


Beth said...

So fun & happy {early} anniversary! I like the sound of a grapefruit wine...never tried that!

Flora said...

Awww you ladies look fantastic. love carla's dress. can't wait for the wedding and to reunite with you all <3

jozen said...

sounds like the perfect girls night out!

Sandy a la Mode said...

looks like you had a fun time! crazy to think i was SOO close by to you! love your top meg!