Monday, May 23, 2011

{my new little herb garden}

this weekend was a very full and happy one. and also quite sunshiney & hot (finally)!
i got my first sunburn of the year. as well as my first misquito bite.

saturday i strolled over to the farmers market and brought home with me
11 different herbs. it was very exciting. after picking up some dirt & pots
at home depot, i proceeded to get a terrible sunburn on my neck/back as i
planted away. totally worth it though. i love using fresh herbs in my
cooking. they add a whole new dimension of flavor {and freshness!}
and now i can snip whatever i need, whenever i need.
this makes me giddy.

i already used a few of them in our dinner last night.
both in butter {insert guilty face here}. i spread a rosemary
butter on the focaccia bread we used as hamburger buns (yummm)
and chives (+ garlic) in a butter for the corn on the cob.
then i sprinkled parsley on the corn & tomato salad.
and then we ate it outside, which is my favorite.

do you guys like to cook with herbs? if so, what's your fave?
mine is basil, hands-down.
in caprese salads, in pasta, in pesto, on sandwiches....
the possibilities are endless!!


KristiMcMurry said...

I don't use herbs a lot, but I love eating food with herbs as seasoning! I just don't cook a lot :) Looks like you've got quite a collection!

Anna Elder said...

my husband and i really want to do something like this. we have cilantro planted, but i'm afraid other stuff will either be eaten or wee-ed on by our dogs. my husband's fave herb is basil and mine is cilantro. i love using herbs!

Faith said...

One day, there will be 25 hours in a day and I'll be able to go and pot some of my own herbs! Oh, and I'm totally a basil addict. Add scrambled eggs and chili to your list of things that just aren't right without it!

Kelly said...

We LOVE basil! We just made fresh pesto today...yum! I love the variety of herbs you planted, and I am definitely going to try the herbed butter on corn on the cob.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK this sould either be a great post or horrible post for me - I'm hungry and going grocery shopping right after work hehe :)

Your nerbs look delish! And so does the food!

Sandy a la Mode said...

LOOOVE the food you made with your own herbs!!

{kara} said...

love this post! how fun! I love Basil and Rosemary the most. I probably use basil the most often. You should make brick chicken with lemon and rosemary. look it up. it's delish!

Dancing Branflake said...

I love herbs! I've been wanting to do container gardens for forever. Love all your choices!

Kel said...

I know what you mean! I got a few fresh herb plants this year myself, makes a world of difference in cooking :)

Beth said...

This is making me hungry (and I already had lunch)! What a great bunch of herbs. I am so looking forward to the fresh fruits/veggies of summer!

Erika said...

cilantro. hands down! i love it!

although i heard you either love it or hate it... it's like egg nog that way.

:) erika @

Velvet Tangerine said...

basil is my favorite too! ive started growing a bunch of it already, but ive got so many houseplants and the basil has been woefully neglected. im mourning the pesto it would have become!

Renay said...

I'm a big fan of basil too! I also love mint.