Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{my beautiful niece}

this weekend, my mother-in-law, brother-in-law & his daughter
riley came to visit us. i hadn't seen riley since Christmas, and she has
grown so much!! she's now 10 months and is crawling all over the place
and getting really close to walking on her own. i always seem to forget
to take lots of pictures when they are here because i am soaking up
my time with her. my motherly instinct was definitely kicking in...
my desire to have a baby has come a long way since we first got married
(i would literally have nightmares about it then).
our plan is to wait until after joel is done & finds a teaching job,
which will be 2 years+ from now.
right now, we have really crappy insurance coverage that
doesn't even cover pregnancy costs. sooo yea, we kinda have to wait.
right now i am at peace with it, but i think it's going to get really hard
near the end.

ANYway, look how freaking cute my neice is!!

she had her first encounter with a guitar, and she couldn't get enough of it.
joel sang her very own song to her :) it melted my heart.
our kids are definitely going to be sung to/played to a whole lot.
our house is one that is quite frequently filled with music. hopefully our kids will appreciate that!


Anna said...

awww i think babies are cutest in that stage right before they start walking. it's fun to play with the kids of family and friends, all the joy with none of the work and stress and screaming ;) my little sister was born when i was in high school, and watching the amount of WORK it takes to be a mom has made me want to wait as long as possible until i am sure i am ready for the challenge!!

Kelly said...

oh, I remember feeling that way, too! just know that the time you spend with your husband now, growing closer to each other and to God will make you even better parents when the time is right.

janis said...

I feel sort of the same way - I'm excited to see our darling little kiddies, but I am totally good with it being a few years away!!

Loves tea... said...

I'm already feeling the same way, Meg, and I've only been married one year! :( I hope you continue to know His peace for as long as He says wait. And that you know His peace when He says "here you are" :) Your niece IS adorable--glad you got to spend time with her!

Beth said...

She's just precious, so glad you had some good family time!
I understand what you mean about feeling the maternal instinct kick in. We're waiting for my husband to get further along in grad school if not finish before we start the journey. It can be a challenge to trust God's timing, but He is enough.

Meg said...

it's good to have a plan & to decide to wait until you're a little more ready and financially secure, but how much fun is it to play with the idea of just going for it and ending up with your own little bundle of joy right now!!! ohhh some days, the waiting is killing me too :)
i guess for now, enjoy all the time you get to have with the smaller members of your extended family! xo