Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{yes, i'd like some cheese with my whine}

so, i hate to be a whiner, but i have been thinking about the fact
that joel and i have not had a whole week off (besides unemployment)
since our wedding (three years ago) and it depresses me.
i cannot even think of the last time that i went on a
week-long vacation.. it's hard to even imagine.
and it sucks knowing it will be a long time yet before it will happen.
weekend trips are great but they are just never long enough.
i'm not trying to throw pity party and i feel guilty even complaining about this
because i know i am extremely blessed in so many ways.
but this is simply how i'm feeling right now.
i've been getting jealous hearing about other peoples' vacations.

we are super tight on money this summer which means taking
even weekend trips may be impossible.
i need to think of fun, adventurous things to do that are free of cost.
any suggestions would be appreciated :)

and if you could also transport me to this ultra-dreamy place, that would be awesome :)



Dancing Branflake said...

Oh darling, you need a vacation. Maybe a staycation? Not expensive but relaxing.

Kelly said...

Oh, I know how you feel! Maybe some day trips, like to the little beach towns up around Port Huron. That's what we do when we feel frazzled.

Faith said...

Try infusing fun into every day stuff... do you share any interests? Some of our fondest memories are just of us being silly together and goofing off! We've only taken two weekend trips in nine years of marriage, so I feel you!

And speaking of cheese, perhaps a good block of Vermont Cheddar would help you feel better :)

Sarah-Anne said...

aw, meg...i feel for you. don't feel bad about writing this; i love that you're so tranparent on the ol' blog. :)
chin up, friend! i'll come visit you... ;)