Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{bridal shower inspiration}

i'm in charge of planning my sister's bridal shower at the end of the summer,
and although it's still a long way off, i wanted to get some ideas going early on
so i don't end up procrastinating & becoming a mad woman the week before.
i've never planned something like this before & though i'm a bit overwhelmed by it
(especially since we'll be inviting 50+people), i'm also really excited.
i am a super detail-oriented person & also tend to be a perfectionist
(yet i am totally disorganized & have never kept a planner, go figure).
which equals lots of pretty little details & probably too much time spend on them.

i started a board of inspiration/ideas on pinterest & thought i'd share a few of my faves
to give an idea of what i'm going for.

from top left, going clockwise :: {diy pom poms} {color scheme} {lemon bars} {cupcake in a jar}

i'm going with bright oranges, yellows & reds as the color scheme.
(if it were my shower i was planning, there would definitely be pinks involved,
and it is extremely hard for me to leave out pink,
but, alas, my sister is simply not a pink lover like me).

the menu is going to be light, bright & fruity ::

michigan cherry chicken salad
(toasted walnuts + gorgonzola + dried cherries + red onions.. + cherry vinaigrette}
lemon bars
raspberry bars
some kind of fruit muffins
some kind of cake
fruit salad?

i think i'm most excited about the favors ::
red velvet cupcakes in  mason jars
(how pretty is that?! and who doesn't love cupcakes?)

do you have any upcoming events you're planning/helping to plan?
if so, where are you finding inspiration?


Meg said...

i was wondering what all those "wedding shower" pins were for!! looks like it will be a lovely shower. and when it comes to girly parties like this, i am all for details details details! i'm sure it will be wonderful, and take lots of pictures! xo

Beth said...

beautiful finds, meg! i've been loving all the cupcakes in a jar i find on pinterest lately :) i know the shower will be just lovely with you planning it!

fernandflora said...

Hey Meg! Well gee, I wish I knew you well enough to have you throw me a bridal shower all those years ago! You're on a splendid path, I'd say, and your menu sounds so summery and delish! I couldn't relate more to your detailed, perfectionistic way of living while still being disorganized and not a calendar keeper. Story of my life! Hope you're well!

Dancing Branflake said...

The cupcakes in Mason jars is such a great idea! I really need to do that myself.

{kara} said...

Hey there Meg, Way to be planning ahead. Your sister is going to be very spoiled and will love her shower. 50 people does seem daunting but it sounds like you are getting a good head start.
Oh a salad that I love is a brown sugar balsamic berry salad that martha stewart makes. Yum!

Wild and Precious said...

perfect inspiration! what a beautiful shower it will be!!!

p.s. have two giveaways going on right now... have you entered? Wild & Precious

{molly beth} said...

my sister is getting married in august, and i am in charge of her bachelorette party in vegas and another one of her showers. i have had so much fun finding inspirations! thanks for sharing this with me!

come stop by and check out my 30 for 30 remix!


Ann Marie said...

love how bright and sunny these colors are! your sister will be thrilled with the results for sure.