Thursday, June 16, 2011

{rust belt market wrap-up}

i forgot to share my experience at the Rust Belt Market this past weekend!

i realized at the last minute (the morning of)
that my parents didn't after all have a full-size table,
(i had forgotten that i'd borrowed a table from my aunt for the last show),
but fortunately, my dad was awesome enough to clear off his work table
from the garage and let me use it. i was hoping to get to the fair plenty early,
but of course, we (my salesman joel and i)
arrived at with just barely enough time to set up.

that's just how i roll.

i combined the work table with a card table
& managed to make it work. looks like i'll have to invest in my own
full-sized table for future shows. craig's list, perhaps?
my booth at the rust belt market.
my booth at the rust belt market.
my display had gotten a little messy at this point (especially the ruffle necklaces).
i most definitely need to either buy or make a necklace stand before my next show.
(any DIY ideas?) i also need to make some signage for the back wall..
perhaps some pretty bunting.

if you are in the metro detroit area, you definitely need to come check
the market out (or sell there). it's got a large variety of fantastic vendors
and a really great vibe. hey even have live musicians.
plus it's at a fantastic location -- the corner of 9 mile  & woodward in fashionable ferndale.

i have already signed up to sell the weekend of the DIY street fair
(september 16 & 17), and would definitely like to get a few more weekends
in this summer if my schedule allows.
it's a really nice change of pace from selling online!
it's fun to interact with customers in person & to meet other handmade sellers.


Kelly said...

Your display looks so cute! I have heard mixed reviews about Rust Belt from other sellers - I think the traffic really varies from weekend to weekend.

Faith said...

Awesome! You're so brave. I have the opportunity to slap up a table at a local art walk, but I'm too scared I think. Plus it's not an artist driven event so I would probably need to invest more in tables/signage/displays than I would make selling. You go girl!

ALFIE said...

your table looks awesome!!! i sooo want to check that market out! how fun!

jozen said...

your table looks AWESOME! and i love your chalk board frame :)