Monday, June 6, 2011

{Studio M.M.M. giveaway winner!}

i just realized i never did announce the winner of the Studio M.M.E. giveaway..
whoops! so sorry about that for those who were waiting.
the winner, as chosen by random, org is

Elle Woodward, who said...

"Although its hard to choose I love the Miss Oste Rich Print the best because it is so classy and reminds me of one of the fabulous flappers of the 1920's"

congrats elle!! i'll be getting in touch with you soon :)


to the rest of you, i hope you're having a wonderful start to your week! i had a very full & FUN weekend,
which i will recap soon. right now, i am wishing that i was enjoying the hot sun, rather than
staring at a computer screen at work!! it's times like these i wish i'd become a teacher.
it sucks having to work during the very brief period of warm weather here in michigan!!


Sarah-Anne said...

congrats to the winner!!

Elle Woodward said...

yay im so excited! I saw this and did a little dance around my house!

Wild and Precious said...

congrats Elle.

love that image.

and i hear ya on the teacher thing.

although... you could have a baby and get at least 6 weeks off! :)
i'm soooo excited!

jozen said...

i thought summer had finally arrived... but i woke up to rain. UGH.