Monday, February 20, 2012

{this weekend, i...}

this weekend was a very full one.
full of family, full of friends, full of food, full of memories.
friday night, we drove with my parents to e. lansing &
met up with my sis & brother-in-law to see my brother play
in a battle of the bands for Greek week at MSU. what a riot.
then we all had dessert & told stories & laughed lots. it was the best.

saturday, my mom-in-law & 19-mo-old niece riley came to play :)
i forgot to baby-proof the house first, whoops! everything within her reach
went up on shelves. that age is definitely tiring, but also such a joy.
her giggles & silly expressions (see below) are the best.
i made a special belated birthday dinner
(lobster & shrimp pasta w/ sherry tomato cream) for my mom-in-law,
the recipe of which i will have to share soon (found it in the paper!)
i also made this (w/o the cheese & w/ less butter), a variation on this, this & this (YUM).
all are highly recommended. most have become go-tos.

sunday i had a lunch date with a dear friend at a charming cafe called french laundry.
if it were nearer, i would be tempted to go weekly. i wish i had snapped photos!
my friend is expecting a girl in july & i am so elated for her. love baby talk.
sunday night, i caught the season finale of downton abbey
& cried both sad and happy tears. i will very anxiously await the next season!!

how was your weekend friends?


Stephanie said...

I just posted about my weekend too!

Your instagram pics are too cute :)

Beth @ the city said...

your niece is precious! the only thing positive about living so far from our nieces is that our house is far from child-proof so at least I don't have to worry about them :-/

We just started Downton Abbey last week and saw the first episode of season 2 last night. I know it's going to be intense!

Dancing Branflake said...

Such a beautiful and happy weekend. Any place with the word French in it must be amazing.

Barbara said...

i live in fenton, and the french laundry is to delicious to be so close. good thing it is only a treat, so i don't go too much. :) a few streets over from that is a bakery that the french laundry opened called just opened and already i'm addicted! :)