Friday, May 4, 2012

my week (and weekend) in instagrams.

if you'd like to follow along on instagram, my username is meganlane84 :)

weekend (a little late, i realize) // {1} an amazing seafood dinner at michell's fish market to celebrate my brother's 22nd birthday. {2} a new-ish white duvet cover for our bed a la target. it really brightens up the space! {3} what maggs and i thought about the football draft. {4} a wreath i made. more photos of that to come. just need some sunshine first!

this week // {1} a pretty hat i admired at marshall's/home goods. i am now addicted to home goods by the way. {2} a new "nightstand" for Joel. lamp from home goods :) {3} my first outdoor dinner of the season with an old, dear friend (penne with asparagus, prosciutto & fresh mozzarella a la giada & bruschetta {4} the (modcloth) dress that got me a called an Amish person/pilgrim/doll by co-workers. but I still love it :)

i thought i'd jump on the blogger bandwagon and share a few of my fave links from the week. because there's lots of good stuff out there!

- a smorgasbord of cinco de maya recipes. i've got a delicious menu planned!
- things i'm afraid to tell you. considering joining in on this. so refreshing.
- a delicious breakfast idea
- an easy way to pretty up your backyard
- tips for adding green to your home (i've been obsessed with plants lately)

hope you all have a happy weekend! i am ridiculously excited to go to the first farmers market of the season, just a couple blocks from us. hopefully i'll bring home lots of herbs to pot!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

that last photo of you is too cute. love the outfit and even more, the face. :) happy weekend!

His Little Lady said...

all such beautiful images! and that breakfast idea is definitely great! loving your blog!
xo TJ

Kelly said...

the wreath looks great! i also love homegoods, such great stuff there!

Morgan Brooks said...

I adore your blog love, and this post. I am going to have to track down your instagram!

ginanorma said...

Oh goodness gracious, please tell me about maggs...she looks like my little guy Nells, he's a bichon-poo, and apricot color and I am head over heels for him!

fun pics:)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

That last photo of you reminds me of Taylor Swift. =) So cute!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

p.s following you on instagram. =)

becca said...

your dress is so so pretty and definitely not a pilgrim dress!