Friday, November 9, 2012


You guys, I am going to PORTLAND in less than a week. I can hardly believe it! I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it (good ones). It's been at the top of my places to visit list ever since I read Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz at the beginning of college. I have heard so many wonderful things about it over the years and that I would just love it, so I am beside myself with excitement to finally experience it. 

{source} are you kidding me with this view?!

I do have a list of must dos/sees/eats to get me started thanks to a pretty spectacular bloggy friend (this includes Voodoo Donuts, Powells Books, Multnomah Falls, Tillamook Cheese Factory, Salt & Straw, some pretty garden walks & the 4T trail). But I figure there's got to be some of you who have been (or even live there) who have some stellar recommendations as well :) Like the majority of trips hubby and I go on, this one is also for a conference he will be presenting at/attending, which means lots of solo exloring time for me :D So what else should I absolutely do/eat/see while I'm there??

Have I mentioned that this is one of the cities we could end up living (Joel is applying to two positions there)! I have never been to the Pacific Northwest but I have a feeling I'm going to like it. Even if it rains the whole time. 


Olivia said...

YYAAY i really would love to meet up with you for coffee or something :)

a few more things to add:

walk around SE Hawthrone or Sellwood in SE
NW 23rd
Forest Park
The Rose Gardens (not the basketball arena :) )

the great thing about Portland is that you can just walk SO many places and be entertained.

YAY for Portland. youll fall in love I'm sure of it!

Ellen Sorensen said...

make sure to try stumptown if you haven't already. alberta st, belmont, hawthorne, and division are all great areas to walk around and eat great food.

i've lived here for 2 years and my husband i try a new place to eat almost every time we go out-you practically can't go wrong! :)

omsi is pretty cool too if your into science at all. heck, i don't like science that much and it's still awesome!

have a great visit!

Dancing Branflake said...

Okay, all your places to visit are totally mine, also! I'm so excited for you.... you are going to love it. And now I'm craving bacon maple donuts. Yum!

Bon Bon said...

yayayayayay! you are going to fall in loooooove! A few more recommendations:

Coffee: Stumptown, Barista, Coava, Heart...etc!
Food: Mothers, Tasty n Sons, Screen Door, Pok Pok, Por Que No, Clyde Common, Bunk Sandwiches, Kenny & Zukes, Broder, KOi Fusion...etc!

Areas: Olivia and Ellen pretty much summed it up!

Have fun:-) xoxo

becca said...

Megan! Oh my goodness.
This job your husband has is proving to be so beneficial and exciting for your life!
portland is absolutely one of my top five places to go, and I'm sure you will love it. sorry I don't have any recommendations!
I can't wait to see your photos!

Brooke said...

Megs... wow! I absolutely love Portland! If you end up moving there, I know of an amazing Acts 2 church for you and the hubs. (Bread and Wine) As for places to go - Ellen and BonBon are right on, Olivia too with the Rose Gardens - awesome.

You have to check out Doug Fir too. Awesome live music, great bar, delish Stumptown coffee and the best meatloaf I've ever had in my life! Seriously.

Have fun. So jealous. xo

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh take me with you, I want to go to Portland!

Krystal said...

maybe that book is where my portland obsession comes from!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ooo hope you had an amazing time there! :)

Sandy a la Mode