Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rocking the grain-free desserts.

I have been loving trying new clean, grain-free desserts lately, mostly involving pumpkin and mostly unrefined-sugar-free. Pumpkin bars with maple pecan glaze, pumpkin pie cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. But I think my favorite so far have been these flourlesss peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, probably because I go crazy over peanut butter and chocolate together. Oh and also, they have sugar in them & I hadn't had sugar in awhile. Cookies just aren't quite the same without the crunch of sugar. I used organic sugar from Trader Joe's but would like to use turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw) next time, or maybe coconut sugar (has anyone tried it?)

A similar recipe that is also lipsmacking-ly tasty (and refined-sugar-free) -- flourless peanut butter chocolate chip blondies. What I'd like to try next -- raw chocolate-swirl cheesecake bars. Reminds me of the pie I had at Cafe Gratitude in Kansas City, which I have been craving ever since. If you haven't checked out The Detoxinista, you must. Definitely my go-to for nutritious, clean desserts and muffins/pancakes. She is brilliant.  


Dancing Branflake said...

Um, you're my go to now. These look amazing... and everything else sounds so good!

shake shakee said...

So delicious looking!


kristyn said...

these look great! will definitely have to try.


becca said...

good for you! I bet it feel so wonderful to not have that gluten and such in your belly!

coconut sugar is really great; not so inexpensive but it has a nice texture and good mapley flavor to add to autumnal things.

good luck! I can't wait to try some of these!

Sam Morgan said...

I love all of these healthyish dessert ideas. coconut sugar...I'll have to check it out.

dear olive said...

This all sounds amazing! I've been off grains and sugar for about 5 months (although the pat few weeks I've been on holiday and it's been hard to avoid). Have you ever tried using stevia? It's a great one (although I've never baked with it). Coconut sugar sounds great. Kellie xx

Linnea Wheeler said...

Thanks for the site and these great recipes! Going to have to try them. I've been going gluten and dairy free for Nadia. I'm thinking it is just the gluten that bothers her, so will introduce dairy back into my diet next week and see how it goes.