Thursday, February 7, 2013

home tour :: our living space.

I think the last time I shared photos of our place was shortly after we moved in, three and a half years ago. It's changed quite a bit since then so I thought it'd be fun to document it on here before we leave our beloved abode, starting with our living space.

colorful pillow is from anthro (got a crazy deal) as is the ceramic turquoise basket. globe, thrifted.

With the exception of the two side tables, which were found at an antique shop in grand rapids, and the green chair, picked up for $10 at an estate sale, every piece in here was either handed down by my parents or bought second-hand from the previous tenants of the first place we rented together. I am kind of hoping to sell most of the furniture and start fresh with our new place, wherever that may be. I would love each piece to be intentional and well thought out. I will be scouring Craig's List and flea markets I'm sure.

pink pintuck pillows came from Home Goods, as did the orange ruffle pillow on the blue chair.

SO excited to leave our massive TV behind, haha. hoping for a fireplace instead of a TV in our next place :)
Anyway, this is what our living space looks like now. It is a space I have grown to love despite it not being exactly what I would want (for example, I would love a couch like this). I am trying to let go of feeling like everything needs to look perfect. Looking at beautiful blogs can exasperate that feeling but I've been learning to put things into perspective and remember what's really important. And it is quite freeing. But we'll see how I do when we have a new place to make our own.. I could definitely see my perfectionist ways making me all crazy-like again.

I am a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co and have several of their cards displayed as art work throughout our house. Talk about affordable art. And then when I'm ready for a change I can use them for their original purpose and get a new set of pretty stationery to display :) The "there's no place like home" print is from here. I love it. It's weird to think about how much it's meaning will change soon.. 


Anna said...

I love how colorful and cozy it is! Also obsessed with Rifle Paper Co.

becca said...

that green chair is so gorgeous!

your home is beautiful. I love that it was all secondhanded.

kristyn said...

i love all of the velvet chairs and such! looks so retro and colorful :) you picked some great pillows too!


lacey said...

your living room is a dream! it looks so cozy and welcoming. rifle paper co. is the cutest, i agree!

lacey said...
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Kelly said...

I love cozy and colorful. I love the chairs and all the eclectic little touches you've added.

Ms. Megan said...

Your home is so cozy Meg!! I simply adore all the art work + the bright colors!! xo

Jane said...

I love your style. That green chair?? Few people would be able to make it look as fabulous as you have. Definitely pinning your home tour to my home style board!


Brooke said...

Can we talk for a moment about how rediculously cute your pad is and how your coatrack is about to crumble under the weight of winter?! Love it all. xo