Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a new etsy shop obsession :: GYPSA.

i just discovered this shop the other day via Poppytalk & i am pretty much enamored. in particular, this quilt. i've decided it must adorn our future queen-sized bed that i'm hoping we will get to purchase shortly after our move (we have a full now that was mine growing up and some other family member's before that... yea, i think it's time for an upgrade). it's things like this that make me all the more motivated to continue pitching pennies in the meantime & knockin' down that credit card debt.

some other things i would really like to have prettying up our next place. they are all perfect. and also pretty reasonably priced. win, win.

speaking of our next place, we are looking to rent a 2-3 bedroom house in Portland -- for those of you that live there, do you have any recommendations of what neighborhoods we should look in? we've been told SE is a great area & we really enjoyed what we saw of it while we were there. i think this finding the right place busiiness is going to be a bit tricky, especially with the budget hubby is hoping to stay within. the plan is to go there in July to find our place/sign a lease (we move at the end of August). in the meantime, i'm checking craig's list incessantly even though it's still much to early. not a huge fan of the waiting game.


kristyn said...

what a cute shop! i love that white pillow, it's so darling :) i love mixing quilted things with modern accents, it's fun!


Kayla said...

Adore the shop. Good luck on the house hunt.

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Blair @ Wild & Precious said...

For real!! Thanks for the intro! Amazing stuff!!

Brooke said...

love love love those quilts. amaze... good luck on the house hunt. I have a friend that lives there and started a church with her hubs. It's called Bread and Wine and it's awesome. take a look at their website and feel free to contact her. I;m sure she'd help you out with good locations and rent info! xo

becca said...

all of these items are so GORGEOUS.
I'm sorry for so much moving craziness; it's inevitable, but that doesn't make it any easier on your guys.
good luck finding a happy little home in portland!

Krystal said...

i think my new obsession now too!

meg said...

Such a great shop! I am completely obsessed with that quilt too.