Sunday, March 24, 2013

a weekend in cincinnati.

This weekend, I tagged along with my hubby to Cincinnati, where he attended the yearly ACA conference. I love to accompany him on these conference trips because it gives me a chance to explore a new city and get a mini-vacay (while he gets up everyday before 7am to gives presentations and go to meetings, etc. -- my hubs is one hard-working man). He even snuck in some time to work on his dissertation. What?! I'm telling you, he is our of control. I got all emotional/proud-wifey on him on the drive home talking about how it still feels so surreal that he got the Portland State position, but that everything will feel real once he sees his name on the door to his very own office there. I was overwhelmed by feelings of pride; he has worked really stinking hard to get that job - a job that tons of tenured professors applied to -- (he met a ton of people at the conference who were like, "WHOA, you got that job!!" It seriously was a very hot commodity.)

Didn't mean to go off on a bragging tangent but I couldn't help myself :) Back to our little road trip. We stayed at the 21C Museum Hotel (courtesy of my work - one of the many perks). It was a really unique and beautiful boutique hotel that actually had an art museum inside! Also, cute yellow penguins in random places, including the elevators. It is one of my fave hotels I've stayed at. 

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, one of my favorite part of traveling is eating (duh). The culinary highlight of this trip   :: -- wood-fired Neopolitan pizza with fig jam, prosciutto, fontina and arugula -- seriously one of the most scrumptious combinations, my stomach just growled, no joke. That was accompanied by my new fave cocktail -- made with homemade ginger beer and rum. And followed up by homemade salted caramel gelato topped with a shot of Bourbon. Heaven. The other highlight :: Graeter's ice cream (thank you SO much for the recommendation Kelly!) -- it is indescribably good. They now carry it in some grocery stores (yes!) -- you must try it if you can find it (check their website). I now understand why Oprah said "you haven't tried ice cream until you've tried Graeter's. 

Wow, I am really obsessed with food!! Other than that, I really just checked out some local vintage/handmade shops (one with a vegan cafe!) and hung out an awesome coffee shop. Oh, and slept in. And ate some more. 

This lady let me know that this painting is by Charley Harper, who was based out if Cincinnati! So cool!

Have any of you been to Cincinnati? I really enjoyed the architecture there, particularly in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, as well as the artsy and laid-back feel. Definitely plan on joining Joel on all of his conference excursions in the future, even if it means leaving our {future} kids with a sitter. Next March :: Honolulu(!!!!!!!!!!!)


Dancing Branflake said...

I'll say it again: You husband = rock star.

PS... You look like such a fun person to travel with. I want to eat with you. Always.

Kristin Fleck said...

I wish I would've known you were coming!! I'm in cincy!!

layners1302 said...

I'm about 1.5 hours away from Cincy. It's a great city! Were you able to check out Newport while visiting?

Brooke said...

me lovely those charley harper birdies. xo

Samantha Faith said...

your blog is so lovely! what a wondeful thing that you get to travel with your husband. even though he's working I'm sure it makes you closer. you seem like such a sweet wife.