Friday, March 22, 2013

what i've been eyeing lately.

 If I could splurge on a few things right now, it would be these.
They make my eyes very happy.

Would love the Rifle Paper Co. print for our place in Portland (loving all of their new spring line right now. And loving that they're offering 20% off their featured section w/ coupon code PICKS20!) I am practically drooling over the two Anthro picks (1 & 4). I have never spent full-price on anything there (duh) but am considering getting those two pieces with the $250 (!!!) gift card that's burning a hole in my pocket. What do you guys think -- would it be dumb to use it on full-price items rather than wait for their additional 25% off clearance sale & stock up? I'm just scared that these lovelies won't make it to the sales rack and they are both screaming my name.

Hope you all have a lovely first weekend of spring! You are lucky if where you are it actually feels like spring. We are in Cincinnati (sadly just as cold as Detroit) for the weekend for a counseling conference for hubs, so if any of you are familiar with the city and have any suggestions of how I should spend my time while Joel conferences, let me know! So far I've been eating yummy food, checking out cute boutiques and hangin' at a sweet coffee shop. Tomorrow I'll be heading to the art museum (it's free!) and not sure what else yet. Maybe a trip to anthro? What are you guys up to this weekend??


Kelly said...

What!?!?! I went to grad school in Cincinnati! I love that city. Go to Graeter's for ice cream for sure, there are several locations. Best ice cream in the world. Also you would like Hyde Park. A very cute suburb with an adorable downtown. Cute restaurants, shops, etc.

Katie said...

I love the Anthro picks! Here's the thing about gift cards: when I get one, a lot of times I'm inclined to treat it like it's my own money, and I still feel like I have to budget it carefully. But really, I don't! It's just for fun, and whatever I buy with it, I wouldn't have had otherwise. So I think you should feel free to buy the pieces you love and enjoy them. You'd look fantastic in both and would still have some $ left over for sale items. Just my 2 cents. ;)

Have fun in Cincy!

Anna said...

I say definitely use the gift card for the pieces you want! Don't wait for sales!!! Love the springy looks of all your finds. Definitely still wintery here in Chicago, although the sun is shining and the birds are singing today! Now we just need temps above 38...

Mandie Segura said...

Go shopping girl!

Also, thanks for posting the Rifle coupon- I just stocked up on Mother's Day/father's day/birthday cards! :)

Have a fun weekend!

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

shoot. reading this before dinner in paris... now j'ai faim plus!

also, who knew that cincinnati was cool? this girl didn't :)

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

stupid brain. the comment above was for your cincinnati post-- not this one.

ah well.

also, i feel like everything you like, i like.