Friday, March 15, 2013


WOW, i knew it had been awhile since i posted, but a month?! where did it go?? a lot of you probably think i have been busy packing, but i forgot to mention in my last post, that we actually aren't moving to portland until august. but we are talking about moving in with my parents in june to save money so the sorting/purging/garage saleing/craig's listing/packing will ensue soon enough (barf).

so what's been taking me away from blogging? mostly work (snore). i've been working some crazy overtime to meet deadlines for production and for the new website that we're working on (i will not bore you with details). though it's been exhausting and consuming most of my free time, i'm really thankful because the extra income is beyond helpful right now. also, it was fun spending lots of time in our fave local coffee shop with the hubs, getting stuff done.

{i had to share with you the prettiest dessert table i've laid eyes on from a lovely baby shower last weekend.
courtesy of The Cake Lady, out of Cedar Springs, MI -- she is amazingly talented.}

there have been more exciting, life-giving things taking up my time as well. baby showers, bridal showers, a college friend reunion, the beginning stages of planning a bridal shower (the invites are out - woo!) and despite my long work days (that are now no longer - phew), i've been doing lots of cooking of healthy eats. oh and baking with the almond flour that i delightfully received in the mail. my favorite recipe try lately : raspberry and chocolate chip muffins. wowwy. i am kind of obsessed. so delicious, so healthful & keeps you full all morning! love that. i would like to try these from kelly of the pretty bee next. also, i am happy to report that i am still going strong on our spending freeze.. i have not bought anything for myself since the end of December (!!!) surprisingly, it really hasn't been hard for me, but i'm pretty sure once the weather starts warming up, it will be a different story. i love dressing for spring. luckily, i do have an anthro gift card (courtesy of work!) to spend that will get me a little somethin' -- woohoo!!

well i think that is enough rambling for now! you should be hearing from me more regularly again now that work has calmed the heck down. although i'm sure they won't stay that way for long :) i've missed you all!


Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh gosh, what a cute baby shower banner! that looks so lovely!

lindsey louise

Mandie Segura said...

I totally understand the time-flying-no-blogging thing. And I'm not even working! Oy!

Krystal said...

that baby shower table is so stinkin awesome for sure

Emmett Katherine said...

anthro gift card, nice :) Sometimes time just flies by and blogging gets left behind!

that baby shower table is cute!

angie said...

That baby shower looks amazing! I'm going to one in May, so it's good to see what other people do!

Marlen said...

haha barf indeed. everytime i move i want to just toss everything in the trash and start over. it's the worst thing in the universe. also, busy busy! even though you've been gone it seems like you have had a jam packed month :)

xo Marlen
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